About Us

We have everything to make wine, vegan wine, beer, gluten free beer, champagne, cider, ice style wine and port in store (on-premise) or at home. We use Glass and Oak Barrels for long term aging all products! If something you need is not in store we can get it within 2 days usually. Wyeast is only ordered every 3 weeks.

We have BC grapes available every year. The wines are aged in French oak barrels. Please ask in store about varieties available as they change from year-to-year.

We are at 3122 Blenheim St (east side), near the cross street of 15th and 16th ave. West. We have lots of parking in front of the store and designated parking at the north side of building. The parking is stress free and convenient and free.

This store was the first Wine Art store and has been in business since 1959. I am the franchise owner as of 2003.

I have been brewing and vinting since 1990. I have a BSc from UBC in which my focus was vinifera grapes and fermentation.

Our store is run by Cheryl, Andrew and Laura. They have all have many years of wine and beer crafting experience.

We guarantee our products 100%. You must return at least 90% of product within 6 months on all wine and beer products made in store or at home. Thank you.

If you have any questions please call or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Cheryl Gravkin, B.Sc.
Andrew Gravkin B.A.