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Come and visit us at 3122 Blenheim St. in Vancouver. Phone: 604-224-4445
Design your wine, beer, cider, port, sherry, ice wine style in house. We also carry everything you need to make them at home and save even more.

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We are the first established (1959) wine and beer making shop in North America (formerly known as Wine Art), thanks to Stanley F. Anderson! Our products come from the largest Canadian owned wine kit manufacturer!

Support your local small business. Small business is 90% of Canadian business!

Limited Quantities available              

Aglianico Cabernet Merlot - Campania | Tuscany | Veneto, Italy

Grenache - Rhone Valley, France

Two Roads Red - Dry Creek Valley, California (with Grape Skins)

Viognier Roussanne Marsanne - Northern Rhone & Savoie, France

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We have stainless steel, glass and oak barrel fermentation vessels to avoid the use of plastic if you prefer. Choose no preservatives and/or no additional sulphites or low sulphite levels for your wines. We carry organic barley and organic locally grown hops for beer making. We also have kefir, cheese, kombucha, sourdough starter and yogurt making supplies.

Fresh Grape wines available every year! Barrel aged in French oak.